Course Info

The social media course is geared at SME business owners through to marketing co-ordinators/managers. The course allows the subscribers to gain an in-depth knowledge of social media. 

The course is broken down into seven days as shown on the schedule. 

Mental Health Monday will be giving the subscribers, knowledge on mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, useful beliefs (relationship with yourself and others) and online bullying.


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
7:00 PM Weekly Live Facebook Video Group Training GUEST SPEAKER Weekly Live Q&A (for 60 mins)


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google My BusinessLinkedIn, Tumblr, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Periscope, Canva, WhatsApp and  Swarm.

The course is ongoing, there is no end date!

For how long your payment cycle is. 

About 80% of the course content will be relatable and suitable for you.

  • Weekly Live Facebook Video Group Training (most courses offer monthly) 
  • Weekly live Q&A  – Get Feedback, Support, and Answers to Your Questions for YOUR Business Marketing and benefit from others questions too.
  • Weekly Tutorial Video (10 min)
  • Monthly Newsletter Highlighting weekly Trainings, New Resources, Changes, and Updates to Keep You Up to Date EASILY.
  • Guest Expert Trainings from near and afar
  • Social Shout Out opportunities – promote your social media channels on a weekly basis
  • Endless networking opportunities with Weekly networking night (NZT) with other members

I do not guarantee your results because they rely entirely on your actions. If you commit to me, I commit to you. If you show up and implement what you learn your business will blossom.

I guarantee it!

  • Access the group on a daily basis.
  • Participate in the Facebook Group – Use the group for gaining knowledge, asking questions (don’t be afraid to ask a question) and networking. 
  • Show up on the Live Trainings & Q&A. These are your opportunities to present your unique situations and get answers / feedback specific to your business.
  • Post in the Facebook Group – Whatever you need assistance with, share it in the group for members to help you with!
  • Network with the members

The trainings will be inside the Facebook group. You can participate in whatever platform you choose.

After the live trainings, the recordings will be listed.

All training notifications, times, and dates will be sent to you via email & inside the Facebook group.

It is your responsibility to stay in communication to get these important notices.

how many days are in the year? 365

SOCIAL? well you know communication.

Small Business Owner, Retail Owners, Real Estate Agent, Influencer, Marketing co-ordinator and
Marketing manager.

Still have


Email me questions@365social.co.nz